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Almost everybody loves pets except the home buyer who is buying your house. Don't ask me why, but that's often how it works out. Home sellers who adore their pets -- and I count myself as a huge pet lover with a 165 lb English Mastiff and a little black cat - have a hard time imagining the negative attitudes others harbour against pets. So, while this might be a bitter pill to swallow, if you want to get top dollar for your house, we need to pay attention to how much you might lose with a dog or cat in residence.

Why Don't Home Buyers Like Your Pet?

  • Nervousness. Pets make some people very uncomfortable. Not everybody grew up with a family pet.
  • Fear. Real and irrational. It's not only dogs that instill fear in people – I have known many who are terrified of cats.
  • Inexperience. Pets are not always predictable.
  • Your pets aren't their pets. They imagine yours bite, jump, vomit, claw, spit-up hairballs or are just plain hyper and bad.

Showing Your House

  • Allow showings only on certain days or a specific time period each day, when you are able to take pets out for a walk or car ride.
  • When a showing is booked and you are not able to remove Fido for an hour, I will come just prior to showing time and take him for a walk.
  • Put your pets into a carrier and attach a note warning buyers not to disturb them. The last thing you need is somebody sticking their hand inside the carrier and getting bit or scratched.

Preparing for showings

  • Stow pet beds, toys and food bowls in an unobtrusive location.
  • Pick up all dog refuse from the yard and be sure to dispose of where the smell will not be apparent to buyers.
  • Litter boxes and potty pads - keep them out of sight and impeccably clean. Nothing turns off buyers faster than opening the door to the laundry room and being greeted by a full or stinky cat box.
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