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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions when home buying.

1. If I'm interested in a property, how can I determine if the list price is fair?

We will look at the property's sales history and comparable recent sales to help assess

true market value.

2. How do I know what price to offer for a property?

Based on comparable recent sales and our extensive experience, as well as any other

relevant factors such as competing offers, we will recommend an offer price that will

protect your best interests and give you your best chance to get your dream property.

3. Do I need to have a home inspection done on every home I'm interested in?

In some cases, the sellers might already have commissioned a recent home inspection

by a reputable home inspector to save you the trouble! It is also possible to purchase a

property conditional on a subsequent home inspection. We will help you determine on

a case by case basis whether an inspection is recommended.

4. What happens to my deposit while I await closing?

Your deposit is held in the listing brokerage's trust account until closing, when it is

applied towards the purchase price of the property and related costs. If an interest

bearing clause was part of your original offer, you may be entitled to the interest

accrued on the deposit once the property has closed.

5. How do I go about finding open houses?

We can send you a comprehensive list of all the open houses happening every single

weekend! If you're just browsing, feel free to contact us for open house information

on specific properties.

6. Can I get a lockbox code from you and just visit a house myself?

For the protection of all parties to a trade in real estate, you must be accompanied by

your Buyer Representative when visiting a property (unless the seller is holding a

public open house)

7. When should I make my offer conditional?

A condition inserted into the offer means that the contract will not be firm and binding until

certain things are fulfilled or waived (i.e. you getting financing from the bank, or your lawyer

reviewing status certificate documents in the case of a condo) Conditional offers are

considered weaker thanfirm offers - we will discuss your best options with you.

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